What is Exfoliation?
It removes the dead skin cells on our outer layer of the skin allowing for our layering products to penetrate deeper into the skin and not be blocked by the dead skin. Otherwise these products are being wasted!

It will remove dirt, oil and bacteria from the skin preventing more breakouts.

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What is the difference between Adult acne and Teen acne?
The root cause of all acne is essentially the same whether you are a teen or adult: your pores become clogged with excess sebum (oil) and dead cells.

Clogged pores then become the ideal environment for skin bacteria, to thrive causing acne, inflammation, and swelling.

Adult acne and teenage acne can be triggered by different hormonal changes that lead to excess oil production - causing pores to become blocked. Another cause of acne is if you get on the starvation of hydration cycle: you have breakouts and you think it's because its too oily so you don't hydrate your skin...then your skin is starving for some it naturally hydrates with oil...thus leading to too much oil production and therefore breakouts!

So, what really is the difference between adult acne and teenage acne?

Adult acne is more common around the chin, and along the jawline while teenage acne usually appears in T-zone (forehead, nose, and chin) and sometimes on the chest and upper back.

The treatment of adult acne and teenage acne should also be approached differently because our hormones are at different stages in life, so we should not be using the same products!

Because teenage skin is very oily, it can handle stronger acne treatments. As the skin ages, it becomes drier and more sensitive so treatments designed for teenage acne can cause excessive irritation for adults.

The best acne treatments for adults are gentler and easier for the skin to tolerate without drying out your skin causing the cycle of over producing oil to hydrate the skin!

For more information on how to treat Teen AND Adult acne head to Skincare to get your customized skin regimen based on your skin type!
How do you correctly apply eye cream?
Step 1: Start with a pea size amount on your ring finger. Because eye cream is highly concentrated, it does not take a lot of product! Applying with your ring finger is ideal because it naturally has the lightest touch with application!

Step 2: Apply small dots starting on the zygomatic bone (bone right below your eye) closest to your nose moving outward to the outer corner of your eye, then moving along your brow bone below your brows.

Step 3: Lightly tap the product into your skin starting again at the inner corner of your zygomatic bone to the outer corner of your eye and on up to the brow bone.

For more information on the #1 eye cream head to the tab "skincare".


How do I shape my brows?
There is something called the Golden Ratio with your brows to properly shape your brows for your face frame.

Step 1: Grab your products: Angled Brow Brush with spoolie on the other end and Brow Product (Brow powder, gel or brow liner).

Step 2. You want to start by "outlining" your brows to know where your brows begin, where your arch should be and where your brows should end.
First take your angled brush (or brow liner) and vertically align your brush (or liner) starting at the center of your nostril straight up to your brows. This will be the starting point of your brows. Next, take the brow brush (or liner) and align it on the tip of your nose, through the iris of your eye and up to your brows, that will be the highest part (arch) of your brows.
Last, take your brow brush (or liner) and align it at the corner of your nostril to the outer corner of your eye and to your brows, this will be the end of your brows.

Step 3: Fill in your brows by starting at the beginning point to your arch mark and down to the end mark of your brows. Also, follow underneath your brows by defining your brows, and then use the spoolie by blending in the brow product into your brows giving it a more natural look!

Voila! There you go! If you would like a video, head to the Makeup section of my website for a tutorial!
How do I contour?
Step 1: Start with the right makeup brushes!
Grab a Fan Brush and a Blush Brush!

Step 2: Make sure you use the right shade for your skintone!
TIP: Not sure if you have Warm OR Cool Undertones??
An easy way to determine that is checking the color of your veins.
If you find Blue OR Purple Veins you have COOL undertones.
If you find Blue/Green Tones you have NEUTRAL undertones.
If you find Green or Olive Veins you have WARM Undertones.

Step 3: Follow the "3" Shape Rule: looking at the side of your face, you can imagine a 3 shape by starting at the top of your forehead along your hairline, down through your temple to the cheekbone and follow along your cheekbone, coming back to your hairline at your cheekbone to your jawline and down your jawline to complete the 3.

Begin by applying the bronzer with your fan brush through your hairline at your forehead, following that 3 shape! When it comes to your cheekbone, you want to raise those cheekbones, so apply the bronzer right at the edge of the cheekbone in upward motions. If you apply too low below the cheekbone you will give the look of lowered cheekbones. Which you don't want.

Step 4: Blend in your bronzer with your blush brush! Along your forehead and down the temple blend with circular motion going into the hairline. Your cheekbones use an upward circular motion working your way towards your hair to blend the bronzer into your cheekbones. With your jawline use a down circular motion down towards your neckline. These motions will continue to chisel out and define those areas giving definition to your beautiful face!

If you want to see a full tutorial on how to contour head to my Makeup Tab and click: Tutorials!
How do I keep my lipstick from bleeding?
Step 1: Grab a lip liner and lipstick shades that match, a thin makeup brush and concealer.

Step 2: Begin by lining your lips. Start with your cupid's bow then down your upper lip and then come down to your lower lip and around. This will help build a "wall" for your lipstick to stay and not travel past the liner.

Step 3: Fill in your lips with your lipstick.

Step 4: You can reinforce that "wall" from your lip liner AND do any clean up that you might need to do to perfect the lips by using your thin brush and concealer to correct any mistakes! After you clean up with the concealer lightly tap in the product to blend it in with your foundation.

There you go! If you want to check out a tutorial on this, head to my Makeup Tab and click Tutorials!